Preparing Your Entry

Preparing Your Entry

There are 3 steps to entering: Register, Submit an Entry Form (with media upload) for each project, and Pay for all the projects and categories entered. Start Now!


Download The Sample Entry Form

Read the Category descriptions to decide which apply to your project. There are 5 standard questions for every category. A few categories have 1 or 2 additional questions. The content and wording of questions vary across some of the categories, so consult the entry forms for the categories you are entering to prepare the appropriate answers. It’s helpful to prepare your answers in advance. All responses must be written in English.

Consumer Products
Soft Goods
Furniture & Lighting
Interiors & Exhibitions
Visual Communication

Social Impact
Educational Initiatives

Strategy & Research
Writing & Commentary
Food Design

Prepare 1-4 Images

You must upload at least 1 image (max 4 images) for each entry.

  • All images must be JPEG format and prepared in RGB.
  • The maximum image dimension is 3000 pixels tall or wide (whichever measurement is greater).
  • The maximum individual file size is 15MB. No Zip, Stuffit or compressed files.
  • Since the juries will receive both digital and printouts, ensure your images are print quality. If your entry is declared a Winner, Runner Up or Notable, we may contact you for higher-resolution files for print publication.


Prepare 1 Support PDF Document

You may upload one Supporting Document about your project. This can be for additional documentation on your entry. The Support PDF is optional for all categories except Writing & Commentary.
Since all PDFs are to be printed for the jury as well as supplied digitally, please limit the number of pages to 30 to keep printing to a minimum. Your file must be in PDF format with max file size of 15MB.
*Special PDF-formatting Instructions for Writing & Commentary Entrants:
Upload your writing entry as a single PDF at this step. The total word limit per entry is 3,000 words. This does not include footnotes. You must submit your text as a single PDF; the text should be double-spaced and have page numbers in the upper right corner. More than one piece of writing may be included in the PDF if the pieces are connected as a series.


Make a Simple Short Video Testimonial

The video testimonial is optional and may be as DIY and straightforward as you wish. Keep your video at or under 2-minutes-30-seconds. The maximum files size for video is 200MB.


Tips for Uploading Your Files

  • Ensure that your file is one of our listed compatible file types.
  • Double check the size; if it’s too large, it won’t upload!
  • When naming your file, do not include any spaces or special characters in the name.


Enter Multiple Projects or Categories

You can enter as many projects as you want and can enter a project into as many categories as applies. You simply need to submit an Entry Form for every project entered and every category entered.