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April 3, 2012

Deadline Approaching

There’s still time to enter the 2012 Core77 Design Awards to share your excellence, enterprise and intent with our multinational all-star jury. We look forward to seeing and honoring the fruits of your labor, and now that you’ve made the effort to document and photograph the work, take a few moments to upload those assets and enter the awards. As we’ve heard time and again, the amazing multidisciplinary group of 74 innovators and thought leaders who comprise the 17 jury teams can’t wait to see the work you produced.

As with last year, it goes without saying that we’ll provide extensive coverage to the winners and notables, while this second year will also see the publication of honorees’ work in our first Core77 Design Awards yearbook (read: print). In addition to the opportunity for incredible exposure, the awards trophy awaits each of the professional and student winners… and anyone else who might be deserving: our trophy is a mold that allows winners to create multiples of the award to share with your team. Even if you’re entering a solo effort, you may have people to thank (your professor, your intern, your parents) and our trophy, designed by Rich Brilliant Willing, enables that gesture as many times as you see fit.

Our 74-strong jury spans the globe from Pasadena to Pretoria and include BERG, Bruce Sterling, Mariana Amatullo, Alice Twemlow, Michael Sorkin, Sulki and Min Choi, Marc Brétillot, Zoe Ryan, Troika, Front, John B. Rogers and Panthea Lee… all of whom are excited to see the work and ideas that came out of last year. To that end, our video testimonial entry component allows you to speak directly to the jury or demo your project; it can be as simple as a straight-to-webcam presentation. And in the same transparent vein, the jury teams will be returning the favor: broadcasting their results to you live, “in person,” during our announcement week in July.

So join the celebration, honor your efforts and ideas and share your favorite projects. It promises to be an amazing event to participate in.

The deadline is April 10, 2012 at 9pm Eastern Time / 6pm Pacific Time.

We understand if you need a little extra time—we will accept late entries up to April 24—but please note that after April 10 there will be a 20% late fee. See full details here.