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February 26, 2012

First Teams Are In!

The Core77 Design Awards is proud to announce our first six complete Jury Teams representing an incredible range of design expertise from around the world—Consumer Products (London, UK), Visual Communication (Seoul, Korea), Food Design (Paris, France), Writing & Commentary (New York City, USA), Educational Initiatives (Pasadena, USA) and DIY (New York City, USA).

We thank our 2012 Jury Captains for curating a diverse and inspiring group of thought leaders. Based in 13 cities around world, our 20 Jury Captains—at least one for each of the 17 categories—have been busy selecting the 3-4 people from their home city to join them on the jury team. Stay tuned as we release more complete teams in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we welcome our first 6 Jury Teams:


Judging Location: London, United Kingdom

Jury Captain

» Nicolas Roope
Founder and Owner of Hulger/Plumen, Founder and Owner of Poke

Team Members

» Daniel Charny
Director at From Now On, Senior Tutor at Royal College of Art

» Sofia Lagerkvist
Co-founder of Front

» Sebastien Noel
Co-founder of Troika

Check out their bios and mugshots here.



Judging Location: Seoul, Korea

Jury Captain

Sulki and Min Choi
Co-Directors of Sulki and Min

Team Members

» Eunkyung Jeon
Editor-in-Chief at Design Monthly

» Kim Hyungjin
Graphic Designer and Partner of Workroom

» Kyungsun Kymn
Assistant Professor and Faculty of Craft and Design at the College of Fine Arts at Seoul National University

Check out their bios and mugshots here.



Judging Location: New York, NY, USA

Jury Captain

» Alice Twemlow
Chair of MFA in Design Criticism at School of the Visual Arts

Team Members
» Tom Vanderbilt
New York, NY, USA Writer

» Michael Sorkin
Principal, of Michael Sorkin Studio, President of Terreform, Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Director of the Graduate Program in Urban Design, CCNY

» Maria Popova
Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Brain Pickings

Check out their bios and mugshots here.



Judging Location: Paris, France

Jury Captain

» Marc Brétillot
Food Designer

Team Members

» Caroline Champion
Flavors Explorer and Food Consultant at Convergences Culinaires

» Alexandre Gauthier
Chef of Contemporary Cuisine at La Grenouillère – Hotel restaurant à Montreuil sur mer (France)

» Alok Nandi
Creative Director / Designer at Architempo

Check out their bios and mugshots here.



Judging Location: Pasadena, CA, USA

Jury Captain

» Mariana Amatullo
Co-Founder and Vice President of Designmatters at Art Center College of Design

Team Members

» Alexandre Hennen
Director of Continuum Los Angeles

» Johanna Blakley
Ph.D, Managing Director & Director of Research at The Norman Lear Center at Annenburg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California

» Karen Hofmann
Director of Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory, Chair of Product Design at Art Center College of Design

Check out their bios and mugshots here.



Judging Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Jury Captain

» Becky Stern
Director of Wearable Electronics Group at Adafruit Industries

Team Members

» Hackett
Director of the Madagascar Institute

» Yury Gitman
Founder of Banana Design Lab

» Rob Faludi
Collaborative Strategy Leader at Digi International

Check out their bios and mugshots here.

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