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January 15, 2012


Welcome to our second celebration of excellence, enterprise and intent.

Last year, we launched a unique program that addressed many of the challenges of the typical design award paradigm. Our second year builds upon the successes of our inaugural year and we’re excited to bring you our line-up for year two. The same values persist – leveraging online scale, increasing transparency and decreasing plane fuel – but we’ve refined the recipe to make the awards program more inclusive, generous and user-friendly.


17 Categories of Design Endeavor

We offer many of the same categories as last year – the beloved standards and several newer practices – and two additional categories that are steadily gaining traction in practice, education and media: Food Design and Writing & Commentary. And once again we have designated student sections for most of the categories. Here’s the full list of 17: Consumer Products, Equipment, Soft Goods, Furniture & Lighting, Interiors & Exhibitions, Visual Communication, Packaging, Interaction, Service, Transportation, Social Impact, Educational Initiatives, Strategy & Research, Writing & Commentary, Speculative, DIY and Food Design. We invite you to read the descriptions and see who’s signed on as Jury Captain.


Short Video Testimonials

We invite all entrants to create their own honest, DIY video to either show/demo their work or just speak about it. The short video testimonial (which is optional and comes with a 2.5 minute limit) is a great opportunity for entrants to tell the “real story” behind the project “directly” to the jury and share their passion and intent. We’ve a whole section devoted to Video Making Tips complete with examples and a link to last year’s video gallery.


Distributed International Juries and Live Announcements

One of our favorite parts of the awards program is our globally distributed jury. We have carefully selected experts from all over the world to lead the juries of each category. It’s pure coincidence that this year our jury locations match last year’s tally: 13 cities across 8 countries. The 20 individuals recruited so far (at least one for each of the 17 categories with one more captain to be announced) will hand-pick their own jury team members from their local area. Once the juries have made their decisions and selected the winners, they will share their results and insights through video that we’ll broadcast live during our Live Results Week (July 9-13). You’ll get the lowdown on the selection straight from jurors themselves. More revealing, more rewarding.


The Trophy

It can take many minds, ideas and conversations to create great work, and our trophy speaks to that collaborative aspect of design. Our trophy designers Rich Brilliant Willing have created an award that celebrates design as a team sport. Designed as a mold, the trophy can be used to cast facsimiles of the trophy so winners can share the momento with their contributors, staff, clients, even mom and dad. Check it out in all its glory.


Free Limited-Edition Poster

So if you register early for the awards program, we will send you our large limited-edition 2012 poster (while stocks last). A beautifully designed commemorative piece, it features key information about the program and doubles as a 2012 wall calendar. Register now and display our poster with pride.


Everything Else

We have worked very hard to fine-tune the overall awards experience for everyone, particularly our entrants and jurors. You may have noticed our brand spanking new website which not only lays out this year’s program while linking to last year’s results, but greatly improves our entry process, breaking it down into nice simple steps, allowing you to save and edit your entries and pay/submit whenever you’re ready. We’ve honed our entry form questions, streamlining the existing set while adding one or two extras for a few categories to glean more specifics. We offer a 15% discount for multiple entries and a 20% Earlybird discount for submissions on or before March 13.

The most visible addition to the program is the awards publication which will build on the extensive online exposure that Winners, Runners-up and Notable honorees receive. And come September, we will wrap-up our second year with a celebratory event in New York. Details to follow.

We hope you are as excited as we are to embark on the Core77 2012 Design Awards and we look forward to your participation. We’ll be updating this section with jury announcements, program updates, and helpful tips, but you can also stay in the loop by joining our Facebook and Twitter. So get on it and get with the program: Bring your best work from 2011 and join our celebration of excellence, enterprise and intent.


Special Thanks

We are deeply grateful to our contributors for their incredible work on our 2012 launch; their passion and dedication to the program have been truly inspiring.

Lucas Roy and The Brothers Mueller of Studio Mercury are the brilliant team behind our stunning new website. In designing and building the whole online environment for the 2012 awards (and in fact, they created our 2011 Gallery), they did an amazing job of pulling together the many intricate parts of this wide-ranging program, and laying it all out sharply and seamlessly. And they are fantastic to work with to boot.

Alex Lin of Studio Lin designed our striking 2012 identity and limited-edition poster for the second year running. A lot of thought and care was put into its design and construction, including the story behind it, and we are thrilled with the final artifact. Thank you also Meridian Printing for the beautiful job with the printing.

Our awards video was directed by Jane Nisselson of  Virtual Beauty with Seungjoo Lee creating the motion graphics. A wonderfully crafted call-to-arms, the video captures well the participatory and network aspects of our program and serves as an inspirational trailer.

A huge thank you to you all.


-The Core77 Design Awards Team