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March 24, 2012

Tell Your Story – The Video Testimonial

There is still plenty of time to submit your projects to the Core77 Design Awards and as you go to prepare your entries we want to draw your attention to the one of the unique features of our program: the Video Testimonial.

We know that designers are great at showing and telling and, with its 2.5 minute limit, our Video Testimonial entry component is an excellent opportunity to speak “directly” to the jury. We want to hear the ideas and intent behind your project and why you feel it’s worthy for the world’s attention. You can show off or demo your project in a variety of ways depending on what makes the most sense and what’s available to you: hold it up to the camera, point to key elements, take us on the tour or screencast digital files. Over 250 video testimonials were submitted last year and we featured 40 of them in our 2011 Awards Video Gallery which demonstrates the the wide range of approaches that entrants took.

The video component of the Core77 Design Awards allows for increased transparency on both sides of the competition equation, meaning entrants and jurors alike can share not only the results of their efforts but the reasoning behind their choices. Our Jury Teams spread across the world get to announce their Winners, Runners-Up and Notables through a live announcement that we broadcast from their home city. Entrants can hear straight from the jurors why they picked their selection.

The video testimonial can be simple, informal and we even encourage straight-to-webcam – indeed, it must be limited to the 2.5 minute cut-off. It’s a personal addition to your entry, so use it wisely and by all means, have fun with it. We encourage you to check out our Video Making Tips page to get some helpful tips and tricks on making your own as well as examples by videomakers Live/Work, Becky Stern, Craig Mod and Liz Danzico, and Dror Benshetrit. It’s your work and your story – so go for it.

The deadline for the Core77 Design Awards is Tuesday April 10, 2012.

Thanks to Stephanie Szerlip for our awesome video.