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January 10, 2012

A Trophy for One and All


The Core77 Design Awards recognize that creation is rarely the result of solitary effort. Design is a team sport! So we commissioned the team ofRich Brilliant Willing to design the inaugural award by re-imagining the typical awards trophy. We wanted something that would celebrate of the range of talent and extraordinary effort that go into the making of great projects. RBW envisioned an award that allows winners to share the love and share credit where it’s due.

To hear Rich Brilliant Willing tell it:

As the award took shape in the form of a mold we liked the idea of using metal. We researched a variety of metals and processes to determine options that were appropriate to the context. Our conclusion is that winners will receive an award that is a milled aluminum billet, of a significant size, heft, permanence (which also offers recyclability if ever desired). Winners can cast their own ingots from their aluminum mold, the ingot material is up to the user, wax, chocolate, silicone, there are quite a few options and the trophy itself is sufficiently durable to experiment with.

Given that designers are often playful creative types, wax crayons—in orange, of course!—was a particularly fitting material for our first go. So we cranked up the oven and threw a few unwrapped crayons into the mold. The results were so spectacular that we decided to include a supply of crayons with every trophy we sent out last year so 2011 winners could cast their own. Winners in 2012 will also be able to share the award with people who contributed to their project – members of their design studio, their researchers, engineers, clients, mom and dad. Share the glory!