2012 Categories

In addition to the beloved standards, we offer several progressive design categories that reflect the diversity of design practice today.

Almost all the categories have Professional and Student entry fields. The exceptions are DIY (no Pro or Student distinction) and Speculative (Professional only).

All work must have been released (on the market or published) in 2011 to be eligible for entry. If you are entering in the DIY or Speculative categories, or you are entering a Student project, then your work must have been produced in 2011.

All Professional work must be real; if your Professional project is a concept or proposal, enter it into the Speculative category.

You can enter your project into more than one category where applicable; see Fees and Rules section for discount information for multiple entries.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which category or categories to enter your project in, consult the FAQ or email us and we will advise.