The C77DA Trophy
Created by Rich Brilliant Willing and produced by Motorola Solutions,
the inaugural award encourages recipients to spread credit widely.
The Jury Teams
Meet our all-star line-up of judges, comprising 15 multidisciplinary
jury teams stationed across the world (13 cities, 8 countries).
FF1 felt chair (Entry #215)
FF1 felt chair

Tom De Vrieze and James Van Vossel

Furniture / Lighting
CHANGE elevators, Paccar Hall, University of Washington (Entry #383)
CHANGE elevators, Paccar Hall, University of Washington

Karen Cheng and Kristine Matthews, University of Washington

Graphics / Branding / Identity
Halo Bike Lock (Entry #342)
Halo Bike Lock

Steve Hunt

DIY / Hack / Mod
Record Jacket (Entry #492)
Record Jacket

Aaron Shinn

DIY / Hack / Mod, Graphics / Branding / Identity
Inside and Outside the Box: Redesigning LED Packaging

Bryant Yee

Makedo (Entry #837

Paul Justin

Products / Equipment
Hanky Pancreas (Entry #430)
Hanky Pancreas

Jessica Floeh

Soft Goods / Apparel
Transcendenz (Entry #744)

Michael Harboun

Speculative Objects / Concepts
Exhale Pavilion (Entry #311)
Exhale Pavilion

Phu Hoang Office and Rachely Rotem Studio

Interiors / Exhibition
1Z – When you need just One!

Devorah Klein, Bryant Ross, Jen Ashman

Speculative Objects / Concepts